Barber Shop!

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Barber Shop! Generator online

Barber Shop! Hack Online
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Alles über Barber Shop!

Barber Shop! Hacks and Cheats – De Bichergeck

Become the most famous barber shop!

A lot of clients want you, it is your duty to make their desires a reality. Between original haircuts and fancy colors, set you creativity free! You could even see some celebrities in your shop.

Be carefull, otherwise the customers might not enjoy. You can unock countless tools (cisors, trimmer, saw...) to be the best!

Are you ready to try the Barber Shop challenge?

Game Features:

1. Easy and addictive to play

Like a real Barber Shop, follow the customer's instructions

2. A lot of customers to discover

So many clients and more to unlock!

3. Hundreds of original haircuts

You will never get bored, each haircut is unique, and you can also focus on the beards.

4. Stunning hair colors

Blue, Green Brown... Play with different colors to match your customer's style!

5. Play wherever and whenever you want!

At home or in the subway, Barber Shop is here to enjoy and have fun!


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